Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Started

I'm beginning to rethink the name of my blog already, and I've only had it for 15 minutes! When doing a search on Google I found a link to a restaurant in New York called, Kendra's Culinary Creations. That's not me! I had thought about Kendra's Kitchen but I knew that was already taken by a Kendra Wilcox in Colorado that markets her own line of spices etc. I know this because when my parents were visiting Colorado several years ago they picked up some Kendra's Kitchen Southwest Spice as a souvenir. They thought it was cute as I am such a foodie and this tasty spice had my name on it.

My culinary tendencies began at the tender age of 3 when my mother "convinced" me to flip a pancake in an electric skillet. I remember making cakes from scratch--not from mixes. Nothing was ever the quick or easy way. Cake mixes and pasta mixes were unheard of, and we NEVER had a frozen dinner *gasp*!! In fact, we rarely went out to eat at a restaurant except for on those rare trips to Burger Chef where we would get two hamburgers, two fries, and two drinks (my mom and I would split one meal and my dad and brother would split the other). We had a garden and grew a lot of our own veggies. Some meals would be only vegetables which was fine with me. My parents went through a health food phase in which my brother and I were tortured with lentils, bulgar, and peanut butter soup made with natural peanut butter. We also frequented Amish reunions where there was a smorgasbord of treats to salivate over. I'm convinced that because of this upbringing I acquired a well rounded palate.

Not until just recently did I realize how important cooking was to me growing up. I was cleaning out my attic and found a box of old school papers and pictures. There were many essays, autobiographies and about-me papers. In all of these pages, from age 5 through high school, I put cooking as being one of my hobbies. I find it interesting that I didn't want to hone that skill upon graduating high school. Maybe it was because that back in the eighties culinary school wasn't a well known field. Maybe I didn't realize I could actually have an occupation with food. Maybe I was just lost in my occupational search. In fact, I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up and I'm 38!

I'm just an ordinary gal living an ordinary life in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina. By no means am I a culinary genius--I just like to dabble in the kitchen. Let's just get this out of the way right now . . . . .I am not a baker. I am a cook. Any time I try to put on my baking hat, so to speak, it is a disaster--just ask my family. Join me on my journey of my fondness for all things culinary.


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

I'm happy to see you here. And I can't wait to see what you write about since, as you know, I'm a foodie too.


Cookies and cakes said...

I will be your baker! (If you will be my cook)

Cooking Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

Amish Guitar said...

mmmmm ... Burger Chef.

Great to see you in the blogosphere CM! I'll keep an eye out for your posts!

Cooking Mama said...

Cookies and Cakes . . .I will definately be your cook! You ARE my baker!!! :-)

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