Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mama's Kitchen Renovation . . .I Wish!!!

Sometimes I watch HGTV’s Kitchen Renovation, and I like to dream about what my ultimate kitchen would be like—what kind of gadgets I still hunger for (no pun intended) and the appliances I yearn for. I was just shopping at Kohl’s the other day for a swimsuit for vacation when I wandered off into the housewares section. I wasn’t really having much fun trying to find a suit that fit anyway! My hands began to tremble as I stood gawking at a candy apple red Kitchen Aid mixer. I have been wanting one of these FOR YEARS people! Why I don’t have one yet is beyond me. Maybe it’s because I’m a disaster when it comes to baking and a mixer is mostly used for that. Maybe it’s because I want every accessory for it known to man and that, my friend, costs a pretty penny.

My dream kitchen includes a gas stove as well—a six burner would be perfect with a built in griddle or fryer. In my opinion gas stoves are essential to cooking properly. Less boil overs would be occurring in my kitchen if I had a gas stove because I could lower the flame quickly. Then again, not letting the computer distract me so easily would also solve that problem! Oh, and don’t forget to add a water spigot and a colorfully tiled backsplash!

The ultimate refrigerator has been hard to figure out. One afternoon my oldest son and I surfed the internet for what I was looking for. You know, the glass door type that equips almost every kitchen on the Food Network? I was looking for a free-standing refrigerator when in reality this type is a built in. Hmmm . . this is going to be a problem. I wasn’t really planning to totally redo my cabinets. Now I may have to install totally new cabinets so that I can accommodate my glass door refrigerator—well, I guess that’s okay. I don’t have these cabinets totally visualized in my noggin yet otherwise I'd give you a detailed description.

Oh! A walk-in pantry would be nice as well. I need plenty of room to store my espresso machine, ice cream maker, food processor etc. Wait! If I had more counter space I could have these items out and maybe actually use them! So why not create more counter space, and I’ll just use my walk in pantry for all of my various dry goods. Good idea!

Well, it’s fun to dream about how grand of a kitchen I could have. Some day I may have exactly what I want or I may not—and that’s okay! Whatever the outcome may be--in the meantime I count my blessings as I realize how much I am truly blessed with the cozy kitchen I have.


Cookies and cakes said...

Hhmmm.. dream kitchen... I could go on and on! I agree, a walk in pantry is a MUST! Im talking at least an 8x10! Ahhhhh...

Cooking Mama said...

8x10??? I'm thinking at least 12x12. I've got to make room for my canning jars once I till a garden and start canning like a mad mama. ;-)

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

How did I completely miss this post?

I would LOVE a dream kitchen. Trouble is, once I got it, I'd realize something ELSE I needed in it or something that didn't work as I expected.

I wonder if it's attainable.

Cooking Mama said...

I'd have to agree Brown-eyed Girl . . the work would never be finished. :-(

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