Friday, May 15, 2009

Think Before You Gag

Nobody really understands some of the weird things I like to eat. In fact, I don’t even completely understand it. However, I can tell you how my strange concoctions came to be. Whether it be creamed corn mixed with cottage cheese or my obsession with sogging bakery goods in milk—there is a story.

When I was a little girl I frequently visited my grandmother’s home. Sometimes we’d stay for dinner which was a real treat! When she babysat us (no parents!! Woo hoo!!!) my edible dreams came true! Grandma’s house was filled with Twinkies, molasses cookies, Big K cola, and just about any kind of other food we were “not allowed” to eat at our house. Of course there was even the rare spoiling of a cup of coffee with about half a cup of sugar in it as well. This is probably why I now take my coffee black. Grandma always spoiled us with a big dinner of hamburgers, white bread *gasp* with REAL butter, onion rings, cottage cheese and canned creamed corn. Dinner was served on cafeteria style blue plates with three sections—two little and one big. Somehow my cottage cheese and creamed corn always ran together and magically a culinary craving was born! I don’t buy cottage cheese that often but if it’s in the refrigerator you can usually bet there is a can of creamed corn in the pantry to go with it. Eeewww you may say . . . but I say, try it! You may like it.

My husband will never understand my obsessions of sogging bakery goods in milk. You can ask him about this and he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes. I pour milk on strawberry shortcake (with the berries of course and some sugar), apple dumplings, or any kind of cobbler. Milk is more preferable to me than ice cream. My father passed this quirk down to me. Incidentally I am a self-proclaimed cereal head but I absolutely detest soggy cereal unless it’s Grape Nuts. Go figure!

If someone makes a gagging reflex when I say I like these things I shrug it off. One person’s disgust is another’s edible dream. If we don’t try new flavor combinations how would a recipe come to be? Creativity in the kitchen never needs to be stifled. Combination cravings could be the ultimate recipe!


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

I drizzle sausages with maple syrup.


I think that covers it.


Cookies and cakes said...

How funny! My husband eats his cereal soggy :-P
He fixes himself a bowl before getting in the shower and then eats it when he gets out!!!!!!!!!! eeeeewwwwww
However, I agree with you, to each his own :-)

Cooking Mama said...

Vix, did you know that you can get sausage that already has maple syrup in it? Do you have that up there in the "way up north"? :-)

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