Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buying Generic

Times are tough. We're all trying to stretch a dollar. So why not buy generic when possible? I know, I know . . . .you don't think the quality is as good with generic items as there is with a brand name. I'm here to tell you, you'd be surprised! Generally speaking, generic canned vegetables, cake/muffin/cookie mixes, and even cheese taste just as good as the brand name equivalent. Canned fruit can be okay sometimes as well. You just may get a stem or bad colored piece. But I'd rather just pull out the bad part and save money. Generic frozen pizza and chicken nuggets have become a favorite in our household, surprisingly enough.

You still have to check the prices carefully when shopping generic. One week I went to buy a 2 cup bag of generic shredded cheese and found that the same 2 cup equivalent in the Kraft brand was over 30 cents less! I'm not sure what was up with that but I mentioned it to the cashier at checkout time. She said that it sometimes happens that the brand name is cheaper than the generic. I find that very interesting. I don't know how they can compete like that. But then again, a lot of what Wal-Mart does doesn't make sense to me. (Sorry, not a big fan . . . . just am forced to shop there since the prices are the lowest.)

Sure, there are some items that I always buy brand name: orange juice, toothpaste, peanut butter, jams, and cereals. I will never deviate from my preferred brands on those things. That's just the decision I've made for our family. But I'm game for whatever can save me money otherwise.


Lydia said...

I'm the same way. One thing I will never buy generic is english muffins - it has to be Thomas's or nothing else.

Cooking Mama said...

Lydia, thanks for keeping the hubby in business! ;-)

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