Monday, June 15, 2009

Where in the World is Wood Chick's BBQ?

This past weekend we were in Virginia to visit my father-in-law who was in the hospital for heart surgery and to attend my nephew's graduation. It was also my brother-in-law's birthday but with all the festivities etc. we didn't get to see him too much. My sister-in-law suggested we have lunch on Sunday at a local BBQ joint that my brother-in-law loves.

My sister-in-law kept calling the restaurant Chicks. We drove separately and they couldn't remember exactly where it was located. So I looked under restaurants on our "trusty" GPS and under BBQ found Hickory Chicks. "Lola" (my husband's pet name for the GPS) mapped out the directions and we were off. When we were getting close to our destination we ended up in a residential neighborhood. What the heck?? When Lola chirped that we had arrived we were in front of someone's house. I don't think people are serving BBQ right out of their garage these days . . . .I called the phone number on the GPS. It was the home phone number of the owner. Thankfully here ever-helpful daughter gave me the phone number and address to the actual restaurant.

Come to find out the place is actually called, Wood Chick's BBQ. It was WONDERFUL! My husband and I got the buffet which consisted of baked beans, green beans, hush puppies, and BBQ and slaw. It was nothing fancy but it was soooo good! I was doing some research on the place before I started writing this blog, and come to find out the owner of Wood Chick's, Lee Ann Whippen, won a pulled pork Throwdown against Bobby Flay. Wow! If you're ever in Chesapeake, Virginia, stop by Wood Chick's BBQ.


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Looks like I'm going to have to investigate some of this southern BBQ when I'm in the Ark Ark Arkansas

Justin Kade said...

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