Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chaos Makes Me a Better Person

The past several days have been quite hectic. I've made many unexpected trips to the grocery store, completed some lesson plans for the first quarter of homeschooling (this is my first time homeschooling), made a bunch of meals for a family at our church, AND managed to burn myself twice, cut my hand when trying to remove Turmeric from the spice dispenser at the store, and mangled the fingers on my right hand in the electric mixer (that felt really
weird and was very scary). My philosophy is that if you work in a kitchen you're going to get some battle wounds--buck up and deal with it. Even with all the chaos I still managed to test and publish two more articles for yesterday. Wanna come take a look-see?

Key Lime Cake - You know you want to try this! The tartness of the key lime compliments the sweetness perfectly.

Polish Sausage, Peppers, and Onions I whipped this up for the family I'm serving dinners to from our church. You can use it as a sauce over pasta or as a sandwich reminiscent of state fairs.

Another day of craziness ensues as I go to work at my non-computer job and plan a birthday party for Friday night. Oh yeah, I'm also going to Peach Day at the State Farmer's Market tomorrow. Pictures will follow soon!

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