Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm the Cookie Monster--Really

Here it is a Friday night and what am I doing you may ask? I'm well past the young adult party-all-night age--I don't have to put my young toddler to bed and turn in early--I'm not an empty nester heading out for the early bird special at Shoneys and then retiring to my recliner to take in a Murder She Wrote rerun. I, my friends, am in the process of chaperoning a 15 year old's birthday party. I know, I know . . . .you wish you were here right? Rock Band on Wii, loud music, giggling--you know you're missing out. Did we ever really act like that when we were that age?

I'm cowaring--I mean working-- in my office with a large listening ear toward party central. I was going to blog about how to make an easy cookie cake. I had interference. My daughter wanted to decorate the cookie cake herself. Here is what it looked like originally:

This is what it looked like when she and her friend got done with it:
Not my first choice . . . .but it's her cake, right?

I'll post my cookie cake hints tomorrow on Examiner. So don't miss them!

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