Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Had An Epiphany Today

This morning while my zucchini tests were baking I decided to check the food blogs I follow and fool around on Facebook. I ran across an interview on Facebook of Sunny Anderson from Cooking for Real on the Food Network. From the time I started my food blog a couple of months ago I've been following her blog. She is so honest and willing to share the behind the scenes stories behind her recipes and Food Network.

On Facebook I saw on the feed wall that there was an interview of Sunny by Destination Success. I decided to watch. Folks, I was crying all over my keyboard when I watched her interview. You may think it's totally corny but I realized something when I was watching her. I will not give up on my goal of being a food writer. That's what I enjoy doing--that's what I was meant to do in life. Granted I'm almost 40, never taken a culinary class, and am raising three kids (two of which are teenagers). It will happen though. I believe it!

Great things are happening at for me and so this is just a step in the right direction to my dream. Thank you to all who support me on my food blog here and on my Examiner column.

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