Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pit in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you've ever watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay on Food Network you know the drill. Bobby (my culinary hero! *sigh*) surprises a non-suspecting foodie genius at their culinary establishment and challenges him/her to a "duel" of their specialty dish. A month or so ago my husband and I were watching Throwdown and saw them showcase Ed Mitchell, pitmaster and owner of The Pit in Raleigh. Since we live in the Raleigh burbs and were impressed with what we saw, we decided to take our weekend visitors (Yes, we had company for the past week. Why do you think I was so quiet??) to The Pit and see what all the hub bub was about.

I thought for sure this place was going to be a tiny mom and pop joint. Surprisingly it is very classy and family friendly all at once. There is a small outside patio that I'm sure is lovely to dine on during a cool summer evening. When you first walk into the restaurant you are immediately in the bar area which is very lovely. To your right is a huge glassed in wine rack which is quite striking as well. Right in front of you is the hostess stand where a friendly hostess greeted us and seated us at our table which was a half circle booth—great for us chatty folks. My hubby ordered the baby back ribs with mac and cheese and collards. The ribs fell off the bone, the mac and cheese tasted like your momma’s, and the collards are cooked to true southern perfection. I ordered the PBLT sandwich which is a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with homemade pimento cheese—my kind of sandwich! The sandwich came with a side of sweet potato fries which were out of this world and there were a TON of them. The combination of the sweet and salty was magnificent—you could tell these babies were homemade and not out of a freezer bag.

Even though we were truly full after our entrees—I couldn’t even finish the fries—we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to order a slice of deep fried vanilla cheesecake with mixed berry sauce to share amongst the four of us. After waiting quite awhile for our dessert our server came to our table to inform us that the reason it was taking so long is because our first cheesecake blew up in the fryer. This gave us quite the laugh and we didn’t mind waiting for an intact slice. After the server brought the crispy cheesecake to our table we oooo-d and ahhh-d over it for a couple of seconds trying to figure out how they breaded the thing. After that brief observation we obliterated the thing in about five seconds flat. Spoons were flying, whip cream was flying. Needless to say, it was quite amazing.

If you don’t feel like cooking, The Pit in downtown Raleigh is the place to go for an affordable and filling lunch or dinner. The portion size is outstanding and you will not be disappointed.


Kim said...

I just came over on the foodie blogroll and i love your site. Great recipes and your site is so pretty : )

Cooking Mama said...

Thanks Kim!

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