Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taco Pot Pie and My Food Stylist

Last night was quite the experience! I tested, or rather, threw together a bunch of ingredients to create a new recipe for Examiner. While tasting and discussing the new dish with the family, we decided it should be named Taco Pot Pie. There it is!----->

The behind the scene story of the Taco Pot Pie photo follows:
Do you know who this man is? I know, it's not a very good picture but it's the first one I came across so I'm using it. Well, this man is my husband and my "food stylist". See, I am a more of a "who cares how it looks! But how does it taste?" kind of gal where he is into the art of presentation. He thinks my styling is crap and he's right, so it's his job. So last night before the meal he placed a piece of Taco Pot Pie beautifully on a plate and had it all prettied up with a dallop of sour cream. I usually take the picture. So I took about four or five photos from different angles as is the norm. After dinner I went to post the recipe. I started clicking through the digital deleting the images I didn't want to use. I THOUGHT I saved the perfect shot. In uploading the image to my computer . . .POOF! . . it had disappeared! Evidentally I deleted it in my haste. A hissy fit ensued and hubby came to the rescue dropping his "real work" from his "real job" to do a whole new photo shoot. Thank goodness there were leftovers!

Speaking of food styling, check out Food Network Magazine's new issue. There is an article about Bianca Borges Henry, food stylist for the Today Show. I didn't realize how much money went into styling food. It makes sense though when you think about it--making the dish in several different stages so it can be demonstrated properly.


Liz Brooks said...

I actually did notice how lovely the sour cream dollop was:)

Cooking Mama said...

The first one was so much prettier though. It reminded me of Dairy Queen ice cream. :-)

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