Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Network's Mark Dacascos on Dancing with the Stars!

I'm a HUGE fan of Dancing with the Stars. If I could be anything for a day, I would be a ballroom dancer. My second dream job for a day would have me being Bobby Flay's sous chef on Iron Chef America (hopefully we wouldn't be cooking with sweet breads or anything).

Imagine my giddiness when I found out that Mark Dacascos of Iron Chef is in the new line up for Dancing with the Stars! Yay!!! Two of my favorite things rolled up into one! I can't wait for the September 21 debut.

Look! He already looks like he's in a dancing pose in this picture. :)
Allez cuisine!!!!!

Cooking Mama

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Tina said...

I just heard the UFC hunk Chuck Liddell is also going to be Dancing with the Stars...I may have to watch it this season!!!!

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