Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Infatuation with Julia Child

I haven't seen the movie yet--I haven't even read the book. But I do follow Julie Powell's blog. Julia Child was an amazing woman. I think most foodies realize that--if they don't, they need to dig themselves out of whatever hole they've been living in. She wasn't afraid to make mistakes or make a fool of herself. What an awesome life lesson that is!

Today has been a pretty blah day. I needed some inspiration and after reading Julie's blog post for today and watching her clip on Nightline, what more inspiration do I need than that?!! :) Julie is an inspiration, herself!

My Netflix que is now bursting with Julia's TV show videos. I've only watched her a few times as a youngster. I'll be sitting on pins and needles for those to come in the mail! Too bad I can't watch them instantly. Oh well.

Julia's birthday is coming up next week and you can bet that I'm putting something extra special together for the occasion on my Examiner column.

Bon Appetit!

Cooking Mama


My Delicioso Life!! said...

Guess who?
And yes you can watch Julia Child online...
click on the Julia Child link at the bottom or type it into the search..I watched her make a souffle Saturday!

My Delicioso Life!! said...

Yes, indeed, it is moi!
In honor of Julie/Julia coming out Friday (wish you were here...we could go together!)and her birthday coming up....and your upcoming special column SF, I shall make my premier France! I'll be sure to link up to your article when you publish it!
keep up the great job!

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