Friday, August 7, 2009

Off This Weekend

Today was my last day of working my non-cyberworld job. It was sad but I've got so many other things going on right now that it's time to move on.

Homeschooling starts up in a couple of weeks and that will be a big endeavor in itself. Then I have this writing gig and the possibility of another writing gig which is VERY exciting to me. :) Hopefully everything will work out as I have planned it in my head. muh wha wha

The husband comes home on Sunday. wahoo!!! I can't wait for that! In the meantime it's tax-free weekend so you know what that means???? uh huh . . .school shopping . . yay (I say in a monotone voice) Can you tell I'm thrilled beyond words? Nothing like putting myself out there into a claustrophobic shopper situation where I'm bound to break out into a full blown anxiety attack. I've told the kids, it's up and early tomorrow morning to try and beat the crowds. See, I'd rather wake my kids up early on a Saturday morning than to have them deal with a freaked out anxiety-ridden mama. Aren't I a good mommy? :)

There's a lot of cooking to do this weekend as well. Monday is National Smores' Day so you know what I'll be putting together in the kitchen . . .

Cooking Mama

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