Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

So after recovering from a migraine yesterday I'm trying to make up for the 24 hours lost in my life.  That's included doubling up on homeschooling, checking a bajillion emails, making phone calls, writing a bajillion emails, and cleaning.  Did I mention we have company coming into town this weekend I need to plan for?  :)

Since we have friends coming into town we're doing the Taste of Carolina Raleigh Walking Tour.  (Of course this all depends on if Hurricaine Earl decides to hit us with a torrential down-pouring of rain that day.)  This should be interesting as I saw on another blog that tuna tartare was served at one of the establishments along the way.  My food stylist (hubby) isn't a very adventurous eater--which should make for fun blogging later.  :) 

So stayed tuned for that upcoming blog.  Also, waiting in the wings sit reviews of some products coming my way as well as a seasonal muffin recipe.  In the meantime, check out this website that a friend tuned me into

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knitwit said...

Oh, I do hope you're fully recovered from that migraine. You have a busy weekend ahead!! Have a good one!

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