Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest Issue of Food Network Magazine Has Arrived! Yay!

After a very busy morning I sauntered out to check the mail and lo and behold . . . a Food Network magazine was there!  What a surprise!  Hubby must have continued my subscription. Yay!  I fully intended on taking a nap while perusing the pages, but it just didn't happen.  Culinary dreamworld was waiting on me too.  Guess that will just have to wait until tonight.  The reason I couldn't sleep is because there are so many cool ideas in here!

First off I had to get online to start looking all these goodies up.  I looked up a website to check out this chocolate bar memo pad and this place is just amazing!!!  Gift ideas galore for the chocolate lover in your life.  Heck, that might even be you, so dive right in and buy you something, girl!  I could get lost all day in this site!

What's up with this???  Edible paper chips??!!!!! Not into that, thank you very much.

I was also excited to see $10 Dinner's Melissa d'Arabian's recipe for Orange and Raspberry Pochettes.  She made these when she was on the Next Food Network Star last season, and I got ahold of the recipe way back then and made them. They were so pretty and tasty . . .  However, I no longer have the blog post up of that as it had some links to my articles.  I stubbornly took down all blog posts that had links to Examiner as I no longer write for them or get paid.   So no need to send them hits and money for my content (they won't take down) which is now theirs.  (Can you tell I'm a little bitter?)   Should have read the fine print in the beginning eh?  HUGE mistake!  HUGE! 

K, bitterness aside, it was a good experience for me.  Now don't you go looking over there for me and giving them hits.  Just kidding.  You will find some good recipes there though.  I used to be the Raleigh Easy Meals Examiner and l Culinary Media Examiner

Need to run . . smells like something's burning . . .eeek!  Dough overfloweth in my bread machine!  Help!

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