Monday, September 27, 2010

Cooking Confessions

Most people have it all together in the kitchen.  I must confess that some days I do and some days I'm just a mess--literally.  If you're friends with me on Facebook you'll recall my recent microwave mishaps and papercut from a Jif peanut butter lid (yes, quite embarrassing).   I'd like to provide some photographic evidence of these mishaps for you, however, when I think about doing picking up my camera I'm more worried about putting out the fire, cleaning up the mess before the animals get to it, and/or trying to get rid of the evidence so my family doesn't rub it in the my face for the rest of my life. 

I like to create recipes, modify others and dabble in the kitchen.  There are A LOT of things I still need to learn--that's what Food Network and Cooking Channel are for, right?

I thought it would be a little fun to share what I'm really like in the kitchen--my philosophy, quirks etc.  So here goes . . 

-I hardly ever measure unless I'm baking and sometimes even then I like to take matters into my own hands     thus I am a horrible baker.  

-There is a two second rule . . right????

-I love food and everything about it--look at it, taste it, touch it, smell it . . .ahhhhhhhh

-Organs are not meant to be eaten.  In fact, sometime I wonder if flesh should be either.

-I could easily be a vegetarian.

-Even though I'm in the kitchen a lot . . I don't own an apron.

-I didn't feel like a real cook until I got my KitchenAid mixer.

-If I could only make one recipe to eat the rest of the my life it would be Spanish rice--my version.

-If I ever run into Bobby Flay, I'd faint right on the spot.

-My favorite go-to ingredient is garlic.  

-Currently I'm obsessed with food trucks.  Just ask my friend, Janna.  

-It would be nice to have my own private chef.  Sometimes a break would be nice.

What are your cooking confessions?  


Janet said...

As I am getting older and a little more knowledgeable in the kitchen - it is much more enjoyable. Nice that the kids will try more foods, too.

But, in a New York minute, I would have a cook if money were no object. Or at least a house cleaner so I can have more time to actually enjoy cooking....

Karen said...

Garlic goes into pretty much everything I make. My hubby says my hands ALWAYS stink. Smells good to me!

My confession (just don't tell my dinner guests) is that I find a dog hair in just about every dish that comes out of my kitchen!!!

Mika said...

Confessions --
* I have a lot of grain in my kitchen and little time to bake recently. *sigh*

* My husband says that I never make the same recipe the same way twice -- which is terrible when I get it right!

* My favorite way to cook steak is in the oven on a cast iron grill -- but it sets off the fire alarm every. single. time.


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