Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Look at these beauties I got from a friend today:

Oh the possibilities!!!!  Too bad my tomatoes took a poo on me.  These would make for some yummy salsa.  Maybe a trip to the farmer's market is in order.  Then again, I could just dip in homemade blue cheese dressing and enjoy.  :)


Blondie said...

I likey!!!

I can get some tomatoes to you tomorrow afternoon - they just came in my box (there's a whole lot of them).

Clydesdale Jogger said...

I would love to find a simple, no nonsense refrigerator pickle recipie for the peppers someone at church was kind enough to give me. Far too many to eat before they go bad, and I'm the only one in the house that likes 'em hot. Any ideas?

Cooking Mama said...

Clydesdale-I don't have a recipe for pickled peppers (gee, that reminds me of a nursery rhyme
1), but you can freeze them for future use. Just slice in half, de-stem, and seed. Place in freezer bags.

Blondie-Yes! Please!!! Message me a meeting place. I've got some paperwork stuff to pass along to you as well. :)

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