Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rolesville's Hot Pick'n Finger Lick'n BBQ & Bands Festival

So we just got back from the first annual Hot Pick'n Finger Lick'n BBQ and Bands Festival in Rolesville.  It's so stinkin' hot out there but we walked since we live nearby.  Better to burn some of the calories off that I ate I guess.

There was quite a turnout!  We got in line and waited for a little over 30 minutes to get BBQ plates courtesy of Mom and M's .  Evidently they ran out of bread so they substituted humongo cups of banana pudding instead (I was really crying about that . . .).  The wait was definitely worth it.  My plate was so full of coleslaw, sweet potato, BBQ chicken and pork, and hush puppies that I had to bring some home. I would have liked to have tried some samples from the BBQ contestants (I only tried two things). 

While sitting at the table eating (and shooing about ten thousand flies off my food) I was approached by a reporter from the Rolesville Buzz to comment on the festivities.  Don't worry--it was all positive.

There was a country band playing while we were eating and the chicken cackling contest occurred.  Only two teams competed and they were both youngsters.  There were supposed to be two age categories but no adults came forward.  So both of the teams got trophies for participating.  While walking home we passed one of the teams and the trophy was too cool--a chicken topped trophy!!!  How cool is that??!! I should have tried out and gotten one of those trophies.  Next year my friends . .next year.

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Janet said...

If you try out -- I want to be there!! What a fun day!!

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