Monday, September 6, 2010

Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tour of Downtown Raleigh: First Stop

This weekend my husband and I had some special friends visit from out of town.  We decided to have some "grown up" time, and planned an excursion of the "epicurious" kind just for us adults.  The menfolk I think we're a little hesitant on going especially when eight women showed up and my hubby and his friend ended up being the only guys there.  In fact, I think I remember hearing, "is this a chick thing or what?" come out of one of their mouths.  They will tell you that it certainly is not just for women.  It is for foodies, people who want to know the ins and outs of the restaurant business, and generally adventurous people.  

I don't remember how I found out about Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours --probably through a web search of some sort.  I wasn't sure what we were in for but the information on gourmet food walking tours on their website certainly intrigued me. The prices are reasonable (around $40 per person).  The website says to wear comfortable walking shoes as you will be walking a lot.  I can attest to this.  WEAR COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES.  We walked a lot and rode the city bus twice during the tour.  I wore what I thought were comfortable sandals and ended up with many a blister.

What the heck?
I have to mention that right before we arrived at our destination we saw this sign:

Tour Guide, Amy

The tour started out on Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh in front of Dos Taquitos.  We met our tour guide, Amy, there.  She gave us the rundown of where we were going along with a typed list of the establishments.  Once the whole group had arrived we hopped on the city bus and headed to the Peace College area.

Plum Kuchen
Upon exiting the bus we were greeted by co-owner of Taste Carolina, Lesley Stracks-Mullem.  She and Amy passed out yummy plum kuchen from a bakery located at the Raleigh Farmer's Market.   Don't ask me what bakery this was from.  Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying the kuchen to find out where it was from.  :( 

Jason Smith

We walked to Seaboard Station where 18 Seaboard is located.  While there we sat at the bar and were greeted by chef and owner, Jason Smith.  He spoke of his background and shared a dish of fried green tomatoes with corn tarter sauce for us to try.  He uses are Better Boy tomatoes and dredges them in Panko crumbs.  The end result is delish!  It was totally crispy without being greasy and the corn tarter sauce complimented it perfectly. 
Fried Green Tomato with Corn Tarter Sauce

Tune in next time for our next stop:  Market  a former laundromat turned locally produce driven restaurant on Blount Street.  It's where Food Stylist lost his tofu virginity.  :)


Anonymous said...

will that be "R" rated then? :) Paulette

Blondie said...

I just about choked on 'lost his tofu virginity'!!!

I would like to say that I am still a tofu virgin but I think I was slipped some - accidentally, of course - a few years ago. LOL

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