Friday, September 10, 2010

Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tour of Downtown Raleigh: Solas

I'll be brutally honest.  I'd never heard of Solas until our tour guide, Amy, told us it was going to be on the tour.  And why, do you ask, haven't I ever heard of it?  I'm a middle aged fuddy duddy, not a twenty-something party animal, that's why. 

The Bar
When you walk into Solas it's like you've just stepped into a downtown Miami nightclub/restaurant (this is what I'm told anyway.  I've never been to Miami before.).  The bar was lit up beautifully with neon blue lights and the backdrop of the bar was a wall of "lit" candles.  It was amazing.  We were served a piece of shrimp accompanied by shredded spinach and sliced radishes in a buttermilk dressing.  The dish wasn't overly fantastic.  But I think this place is more about atmosphere than anything else. 
The Shrimp Dish

First Floor Outdoor Dining Area
The See Through Dance Floor

Lounge Area on the Second Floor

The outdoor dining area is exquisite as is the rooftop lounge area.  There is also a second floor glass dance floor where the dj beats out tunes.  Rooms are available to rent for wedding receptions and private parties.

The rooftop is the main attraction with private cabanas available to reserve for special occasions.  The view is amazing!  Prices are pretty steep to "rent" a cabana but I think it would be an experience you'd never forget.  The roof is retractable so when the need arises you can be sheltered from rain.  
Third Floor Bar
Cabanas with Retractable Roof Overhead

There is a dress code which I'm assuming is to keep out the Eminem and Snoop Dogg crowd.  In my earlier wild child days this would probably have been a place I frequented--but those days have long gone along with my natural hair color.   

Next Stop:  Spize Cafe    Asian cooking at it's best and our most favorite stop on the tour!

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