Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Is An MRE?

What is an MRE exactly?  If you are military . . you know.  Maybe you're an avid hunter--then you may know as well (I don't think many hunters are reading my blog though).  MRE stands for Meal Ready to Eat.  The military uses them when they are in position of combat or when there are no chow halls available.  My first experience with one follows:

Our best friends are military.  So when they came to visit us last month he showed me how it's done.  They brought me a Chicken and Dumpling and a Spaghetti and Meatball MRE.  I chose the Spaghetti one.  Somehow spaghetti that may have been sitting on a shelf for 5 years sounded so much better than chicken dumplings that may have been sitting on the shelf for 5 years. 

 I opened up the bag and this is what was inside: 
A whole bunch of stuff!!  These meals are packed full of calories!  There were all kinds of goodies--even candy!  I'm told that the spoons and the Tabasco sauce are the most prized items in MRE's when out on the field. 
Isn't this the cutest!!!
 The way you cook an MRE is by taking this plastic bag and filling it with just a tad bit of water.  Some kind of magical chemical reaction starts occurring immediately at which point you have to jam the main course in the bag as soon as possible so you don't either burn yourself or have the bag blow up.  It's a lot easier to just put these babies on the engine of a humvee and heat them that way.  However, I don't have one of those. 
 Here I am struggling.  I had to call in the pro to git er done. 
Me trying to prepare the MRE and not burn myself or blow something up.

The finished spaghetti
The cooked spaghetti tasted a lot like Chef Boy R Dee.  Decent enough but def not homemade. 

Here is the spicy cornbread cake that came in the package as well.  I just about literally blew fire out of my mouth when I ate this.  It was really good though.  Especially when you put the special Cheese Whiz sauce that came with it all over the top of it. 
Spicy Cornbread Cake
Candy!!  Too bad it's not chocolate . . but I can understand why it's not.  Too melty.
 Cheese crackers that were a lot like Cheezits or Cheese Nips.
Cheese Crackers
This is the cherry berry cobbler.  We added this to the "cooking bag" after we pulled the spaghetti out since it was still creating quite a bit of heat.  It was okay.  I'm not a huge cherry fan but Food Stylist gobbled it down fast enough.

Cherry Dessert
There was coffee and all the fixin's for that, a drink mix, and even toilet paper for use "later".   I wouldn't say I'd like to eat this on a regular basis but it was decent enough.  It was a lot of food to fill you up. 


Mari said...

THANKS FOR SHARING THIS!!! My husband is an ex-military and he always talks about the MRE's. I finally got to see it, thanks to you. Wow lot of goodies in so little space.

LOved it!

Have a grrrreat day!

Karen said...

I had one once while camping...they do come in handy. The mini tabasco is adorable!

Alisa said...

So that's what MRE's are! Thanks for sharing this!

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