Monday, September 20, 2010

Wholly Wholesome Giveaway

If you're interested in baked goods that don't have artificial flavors, colors, preservative or additives and are made with natural and organic ingredients you should check out products from Wholly Wholesome.  They make ready to bake cookies and pie shells, pies, breads. and cakes.  The taste is just like homemade so if you don't have time to make something from scratch you can count on these.  

Recently I traveled to Whole Foods in Raleigh (one of the few places in the area, unfortunately, that you can buy Wholly Wholesome products) to look for these goodies.  On the Wholly Wholesome website it states that their products are available at my local Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter stores (just outside Raleigh) but I didn't find them at either place and even asked employees if they carried them.  I'm not sure if they just aren't carrying the items in those stores anymore or what.  I knew Whole Foods wouldn't let me down though!  (On a side note: a new Whole Foods will be opening in North Raleigh just off of Six Forks Road in Spring 2011.  Yay!)

I picked up the chocolate chip ready to bake cookie dough and the blueberry pie.  The cookies were so easy to make.  You place them frozen on a cookie sheet and bake them for 13 minutes at 350 degrees.  How easy is that!!  The cookies were so soft and tasted just like homemade without the overly sweet taste.  The chocolate chip taste really came through and the cookies literally melted in my mouth.  The blueberry pie wasn't overly sweet either.  I would have preferred more of a cinnamon taste in the pie because that's what I'm used to but otherwise it was tasty.  The crust was flaky as well.  Surprisingly the pie took only 50 minutes to cook from frozen.  Amazing!

I have a coupon for one free Wholly Wholesome product for one of my readers.  Comment on my blog and tell me why you should win one of their products and I'll draw a name at random to select a winner.  The winner will be posted next Sunday, September 26.


Blondie said...

Here's my Meredith Grey impression..."Pick me, Pick ME!"


Seriously - I'm bummed that the peanut butter cookie dough is only a food service item. :(

Did Whole Foods carry the bread pockets, too?

Cooking Mama said...

I only found the stuff in the freezer case. There were so many people there I didn't check the whole place out. Can't wait till the new store comes to North Raleigh!

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