Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I'm "borrowing" an idea from my fellow blogger, Katie, from The Perks.  She usually blogs once a week about the good, the bad and the ugly.  I thought that it may be fitting for me today. 

The Good:  I haven't had to open the snail mail for over a week now due to excessive slackerdom.
The Bad:  I just opened the one foot stack of mail and it was quite daunting especially with all those political ads.
The Ugly:  My paper shredder got jammed with so much stuff that needed to be shredded. 

The Good:  I had more time over the weekend to "relax" due to our computer crashing at the end of last week. (Why didn't I open the snail mail then???)
The Bad:  Instead of relaxing I fretted over said crashed computer and what valuable info might possibly be lost.
The Ugly:  Food Stylist had to reformat the computer and everything was lost:  web bookmarks, email address book, saved emails, Quicken etc. *cry*

The Good:  Since the computer crashed, Food Stylist moved it (a desktop) to our coffee table in the living room.  This made for a more conducive repair area since the TV is in the living room.  Fun to surf the net while watching TV since he repaired it now.  :)  Geez, I need a laptop!!
The Bad:  A desktop is not a laptop, hence cords running everywhere that the evil cat can get to.
The Ugly:  My homeschool room is a wreck since we've been doing school on the floor in the living room.  I've just been dumping junk all over the homeschool table.

The Good:  I think I've volunteered to dissect some small animals for the homeschool science co-op I help teach.  The kids will be excited about this hands on science experience!
The Bad:  Did I mention that I don't like dead animals?
The Ugly:  Did I also mention that I still have nightmares about that rat I had to dissect in anatomy and physiology in 12th grade?

The Good:  Brick announced that he no longer wants to trick-or-treat.  Yay!  No more costumes to buy! EVER!
The Bad:  He wants to hand out candy.
The Ugly:  I guess the money we usually spend on a costume will be spent on candy for other children.  At least this will give me the chance to purchase the candy I like rather than rummaging through his treat bag for chocolate like I usually do every year.

The Good:  Both the new Richard Paul Evans and Nicholas Sparks' books became available for me at the library yesterday.
The Bad:  That's a lot of books!
The Ugly:  They're both only one week loans.  :(  I'm sure I'll incur library fees. 

The Good:  We're having Chinese food tonight for dinner.

The Bad:  We're having Chinese food for dinner.

The Ugly:  Did I mention we're having Chinese food tonight?


Mari said...

Sounds great the good the bad and the ugly. Did you mention you were going to have Chinese food tonight?


knitwit said...

Too funny! It kind of sounds like you need a vacation!
It turns out that if you use your laptop like a desktop (ie. never moving it from its designated spot, like I do), it still has so many cords coming out of it, you have to shoo the cat away every 5 minutes.
Enjoy that candy!!

Karen said...

Ha. I love the last entry. You're so right that Chinese can be good, bad and ugly!!!

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