I grew up in a home where most everything was made from scratch.  Heck, I flipped my first pancake at age 3.  I've got proof right here .  Over the years I've been exposed to a lot of different foods and feel I'm pretty well rounded in my tastes.  I'll try just about any food you put in front of me.  Since I'm an adventurous eater I'm always trying out new recipes (the fam and neighbors are my guinea pigs).  I also like to scope out new restaurants and my latest obsession: lunch trucks. 

Previously I have written for as the Raleigh Easy Meals Examiner, as well as, the National Culinary Media Examiner.  I've worked in a couple of  kitchens as well.  Eventually I'd like to be a food writer for a magazine/newspaper/website or open my own restaurant with Food Stylist a.k.a. my husband. 
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